MIke Lynch Cartoon in April 2007 Funny Times

I have a cartoon in the April 2007 Funny Times.

I think that if you're going to have a mid-life crisis, then buying some low-riders is easier on the ol' budget than a sports car or hair plugs. I remember drawing this quickly and just knocking in the kitchen. Looking at it now, I can see how wobbly the lines are -- as well as how downright wispy they are! This was during my love affair with the Micron #02 pen, whose tip is razor thin.
Another gag cartoonist was telling me that his favorite part of cartooning is seeing it in print. My favorite part is the beginning: writing the idea, doing the layout. A lot of the times when I see something published, I honestly want to do a redraw. I've moved on to drawing with a #05 Micron pen (same kinda pen that Don Orehek uses!) so the lines are bolder and the lines will hold for reproduction. It's funny that after all these years, I'm still not settled on what drawing tools I like.

By the way, Funny Times now has something called Cartoon Playground where you can take some cartoon characters and make your own strip. The April issue has an article about this. Although there is no credit I see on the site, the drawings are by cartoonist Matt Wuerker.

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