New Roy Delgado Blog

Just this month, my cartoonist colleague Roy Delgado started his new blog. Roy's cartoons can be seen everywhere: Barron's, Playboy, Harvard Business Review, etc.

Except for The New Yorker magazine. He's submitted cartoons to the prized cartoon market for something like 17-18 years. Is that right Roy? I'm going by memory here. Anyway, that's a lot of cartoons! And a lot of persistence.

Roy's written a book, full of his cartoons, all about the years of 100% rejection from The New Yorker titled A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE NEW YORKER. All the cartoons in it were first submitted and rejected by the NYer, and then were bought by other publications.

By the way, Roy has a cartoon in today's Wall Street Journal, as well as a couple in the July-August Harvard Business Review. I told you that his cartoons are everywhere!

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