STAR TREK Fotonovels

There used to be these books, called Fotonovels, that were basically "screen captures on a page," with dialogue balloons. Of course, nowadays, you just pop in a DVD or buy an episode over at iTunes and you get to see whatever you want. But in those dark 1970s, you only saw the TV that the TV programmers wanted you to see. One of the few ways to linger over a fave TREK episode was to buy a TREK Fotonovel.

Bully, over at his Bully Says Comics Oughta Be Fun blog, showcases these TREK Fotonovels and shows many examples. All in all, they are creatures of their time. And they were the only way to re-experience a favorite episode.

And stick around Bully's blog. If you like comic books or TREK or Wodehouse, it's a nice place to visit. Take it away, Bully ....

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