NEW YORKER Steals from FAR SIDE???

Above: Lee Lorenz's NYer mag cartoon of this week.

Similar ideas happen all the time in gag cartooning, but Newsarama smells cover up!

Personally, I don't think Lee Lorenz is stealing from an old Gary Larson cartoon.

Above: Gary Larson, FAR SIDE, 1984

The Gelflog has more here.

Mankoff explains that the sheer volume of cartoons produced by artists means that there is often overlap of ideas. "Often in the same week different cartoonists will independently come up with identical ideas," he says. "Other times cartoonists generate ideas that have been previously published in the magazine. This is not plagiarism; rather it is the result of very creative people developing many ideas from a few well-established, well-traveled cartoon settings"

H/t to Comics Reporter.

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