Hot Women of Star Trek TOS

Posted on Flickr by a fellow named Poletti comes The Galactically Hot Women of Star Trek TOS!

Sure, there's no Seven of Nine here, but you do get a sample of some of The Old Show's great line up of ladies of the Federation:

Above: Droxine, Number One, Lt. Helen Noel, Lt. Mira Romaine.

And there's many more at The Galactically Hot Women of Star Trek TOS site. And there's a voting session for you to vote on the hottest.

But -- uh -- Spock's Mom in one of the hotties? Eew. Dude, she deserves a little respect, huh?

But you overlooked my favorite:

Unless I missed it, Zarabeth from ALL OUR YESTERDAYS, needs to be part of this! A crime, Polettti! Please deem fit to add Mariette Hartley's character to the roster. And, if I may be so nerdy hardcore ("nerdcore"), The Companion from METAMORPHOSIS should, technically, be on the list.

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H/t to The BEAT.

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