Know Your Cow

The week of June 11, 2007, I had the above cartoon in The Chronicle Review. I blogged about it here, and just found out that art -- or, rather, a cartoon -- imitated life. Here's a letter to the editor from the September 7, 2007 Chronicle Review:


Know Your Cow

Mike Lynch thought he was inventing something funny when he drew a cartoon showing a cow's picture on the side of a milk carton, with the caption "Artisanal Milk" (Letters to the Editor, The Chronicle Review, June 15). But 15 years ago, taking up a restaurant reviewer's recommendation, a colleague and I dined at a restaurant in Edinburgh in which each cheese on the cheese cart came with a photograph, discussed with us by the waiter, of the cow from which the cheese's milk had come.

Who knew? And would the photo of a cud chewing heifer really be helpful in choosing the suitable cheese? Those crazy Scotsman!

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