1949 THE OOGLIES/1952 Walt Kelly Profile/1969 POGO BIRTHDAY SPECIAL

Here is a lot of lovely media (magazine, comic book, TV animation) from 1949, 1952 and 1969 -- all about one of the masters of cartooning, and a personal favorite of mine and just about every boy cartoonist: Walt Kelly.

Allan Holtz' Stripper's Guide blog transcribes a 1952 Editor and Publisher article on Walt Kelly. The 38 year old Kelly had just received the "Billy DeBeck Award" from the National Cartoonists Society, the "Oscar" of the cartooning world. (The award was later renamed the "Reuben" after Rube Goldberg.)

Above: Image from a scan of "The Ooglies," from The Brownies comic book, Dell Four-Color #244, September 1949. Complete story at Pappy's Golden Age Blogzine.

Big hat tip to Journalista!

Above: a local TV listings book from what year I don't know, but isn't that a lovely portrait of Mr. Kelly and Porkypine and Pogo? I have a small trove of photos of cartoonists on the hard drive, and this one deserved to be seen. I just didn't include any background information with it. The mag probably commemorated the 1969 POGO SPECIAL BIRTHDAY SPECIAL, co-directed by Chuck Jones, with voices by Les Tremayne, June Foray, Mr. Jones and Mr. Kelly.

And here it is, THE POGO SPECIAL BIRTHDAY SPECIAL, in three parts:

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