Mel Casson 1920-2008

King Features reports the death Mel Casson. From their press release:

"Cartoonist legend Mel Casson, the writer and illustrator of the comic strip Redeye, died on May 21 at his home in Westport, Conn. He was 87."

I met Mel a couple of times at the CT NCS chapter get togethers. He was a great guy and full of great stories.

Below is a sampling of some of his gag cartoon work that he did for the book EVER SINCE ADAM AND EVE, edited by Mr. Casson and Alfred Andriola and copyright 1955 by them as well.

"You and your bright ideas. We haven't sold a painting in two days."

"Any volunteers to bisect a curve?"

"Which of you is Mr. Bingham?"

I love you too, Roger, but how will I explain to my family?"

"This is the reason I gave up playing with dolls."

"Three parts gin ... one part vermouth ... and a dash of aphrodisiac."

"Harvey, remind me to pick up a quart of milk on the way home."

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