NHNG Cartoon Classes

At the end of the day, I take off my glasses. They're filthy; full of little specks. Must be the pollen. No, it's not pollen. Pollen season has come and (hopefully) gone. Besides, these little mystery specks are white, not that pollen yellowish green.

It's chalk. Flecks of chalk, from teaching cartooning classes for the New Hampshire National Guard kids this week! I did a lot of drawing on the board for the 80+ kids enrolled the the annual week-long summer camp. Above is a photo of me (looking a little tired) and the last class of the day.

We learned how to draw a lot of things, like: a word balloon (write the words FIRST, then draw the balloon -- something that took ma year to figure out when I first started cartooning!) and how to draw a happy face, sad face, mad face -- and a UFO and a dragon and a big cartoon fight (BIFF! BOOM!) -- and lots, lots more. The time flew by.

The NHNG kids are the greatest. Eager to draw, bright and inquisitive. My thanks to all who were part of this. I'll be teaching in New York later this month. I hope I have half as much fun!

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