Build the World's Smallest Cartoonist's Studio!

Bob Staake, who, as I pointed out in the July 17, 2008 blog entry titled Is There ANYTHING This Guy Can't Do???, is not only an illustrator extraordinaire, but he also built his own studio. Today, at no cost, you can delight in having your own model of the Bob Staake studio!

"Now you can enjoy your own miniature-sized Staake Studio model in the privacy of your own home:

"It's a do-it-yourself replica of Bob's Cape Cod studio -- and it's yours to play with. Print it on card stock and within minutes you've got yourself a snazzy little model (and we DO mean little) of Bob's studio (actual size Bob not included within the building)"

Just download and print and put it together.

Hat tip to renaissance-man Bob himself.

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