Clear Days in the Pittsburgh Symphony Advertising Department

The Pittsburgh Symphony has the above gorgeous, slick, full color ad for its Sunday Ovation Series. The layout and colors and typography all just look lovely. Lots of time and lotsa money was spent on that ad. Lotsa people involved too, I bet. They're a class operation. Hoo boy.

Too bad there is a glaring error in there. I didn't see it for about 30 seconds, but then it hit me. Maybe you don't know your classical music musicians, but if you do, then you'll spot it. And there's a "tell" in the photo too.

I'll tell you the mistake after the spoiler alert header:


OK, there is a simple error that should have been caught during the initial proofing of this ad. The "tell" is that Joshua Bell is holding a violin. You can see the scroll of his fiddle in his hand. But the copy reads, "Joshua Bell, Piano."

Joshua Bell is one of the biggest names when it comes to classical fiddle, gang!

A big thanks to dear ol' Professor Lynch (AKA Dad) for spotting the glaring mistake and sending this clipping. Even though he had written on a sticky "Clear days in the advertising department!" right next to it, I just could not believe whatta dopey mistake this was.

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