Mike Lynch Cartoon in September 2008 Chronicle of Higher Education

One person's version of heaven could double as hell for someone else.

Today being Monday and me being slow to wake up, I am grouchy and I see no silver linings. I do not "have a case of the Mondays." I will not "make lemonade when life gives me lemons." I am in no mood for someone to be cheery.

As writer/producer/comedienne Laura Kightlinger observed, you hear the old wheeze: "You know, everything happens for a reason" enough times, and it starts sounding like "You know, anything can happen with a razor ..."

Ugh. Grey cloud above head turning black. I need more coffee.

Anyway, where was I? Cheerful people are OK but only when I'm awake and functioning.

The above cartoon is in this week's Chronicle of Higher Education. It's based on that awfull, cheerful person in the workplace. That's my standard hell tableau: rocks, flames, smoke -- and the devil taking down your name as you listen to some idiot prattle just adds to the horror.

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