Video: Cartoonists Circa 1982

From WAGA TV, here is a 26 year old video from their "PM Magazine" show, featuring the following:
  • The late Doug Marlette talks about "Kudzu," which had just launched the year before

  • Jim Unger, in the only video I've ever seen of him, talks about "Herman," and we see him draw (with a Sharpie)

  • Jim Davis talks about getting ideas for "Garfield," as an assistant works inking directly behind him. Observant viewers will note that there is Vince Guaraldi "Peanuts" music in the background of this piece.

  • Editorial cartoonist Sam "Scrawls" Rawls talks about picking on both parties

  • Cartoonist Cal Warlick, the multiple Emmy Award winning WAGA staff cartoonist at the time, and later, an illustrator and editorial cartoonist

  • And the video ends with 2 college age guys. Art Roche and David Theall, whose then-college newspaper strip "Comfortable Ignorance" was (they hoped) poised to be the next syndicated winner (following the same path as "Doonesbury" and "Bloom County")

Funny to think that the little baby with his Mom that opens this segment is now as old as the Mom. The video runs just under 7 minutes.

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