Mike Lynch Cartoon in December 23, 2008 Foster's Daily Democrat

The local paper, Foster's Daily Democrat, prints a special Christmas story that I drew for them. Aaron Sanborn's article "No chimney, no problem: Milton man's faith fulfilled by visit from Santa" gives you the background. Here's a snippet from Aaron's piece:
"How will Santa get into the house?

"'From very early on you're told how it works and certainly by the time you're 21⁄2 or 3, you can be quizzed up and down, where does he live? How does he travel? How does he get in? So we all knew all the answers to those questions,' he said. 'But this was the first time I ever thought of how he's going to get through the heater grates.'"
Below is a clickable version of the cartoon that you can blow up nice and big:

My thanks to Aaron and photographer John Huff who came up to Milton to interview me and take my photo.

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