Dave Astor: Jobless But Not Jokeless

Above: Detail from STONE SOUP, copyright 1999 by Jan Eliot.

Dave Astor, writing for the HuffPo blog, talks about the journalistic cutbacks in his Jobless But Not Jokeless entry:
What about jobs for laid-off editorial cartoonists? Given that there might be more former staff cartoonists (still living) than current staff cartoonists (presumably still living), there are enough ex-staffers to draw a huge cartoon time machine for trekking back to B.C. (Before Cutbacks).
Comic strip cartoonist Jan Eliot, from the comments section, talks about the upcoming National Cartoonists Society Reubens weekend:

Will the members of the National Cartoonists Society actually discuss the industry that's falling down around them, or just drink the weekend away? And really, which would be more productive?

Good point!

Yes, I just checked the NCS brochure. "The Future of Newspapers and Comics" will be one of the seminars at the Reubens weekend. Drinking before, during and after: highly recommended.

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Hat tip to my pal Sean Kelly for spotting Dave's column. Thanks, Sean!

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