The Garden at Mid-July

Okay, time to check in on the garden. That's it on the lower right, 5 raised beds.

Above: this box has been given over to strawberries. We got lots of strawberries during strawberry season. The only problem was the bluejays who (I didn't know this) LOVE LOVE LOVE strawberries, pecking great gashes into them. The solution: place rubber snakes in the bed. It seemed to work on the timid ones, but, you know, there really aren't too many timid jays.

Above, from left to right, broccoli, peas and yellow squash. All doing nicely.

In between the sunflowers (which are growing like weeds here and there -- and if they aren't in the way, then they get to stay) is lettuce. Zucchini and chard are in there as well.

Foreground: runner beans, which just started to bloom last week. Bees and hummingbirds love runner bean blossoms. Background: 6 tomato plants, with some wee green tomatoes on them.

And then there are things that are hidden or in back of other aforementioned big & bushy plants: okra, radishes, basil, onion, oregano, dill, cucumber, and a few more I'm forgetting.

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