Mike Lynch Cartoon in October 28, 2009 Wall Street Journal

You can't simply sell a cartoon that is blatantly critical of business to a pro-business publication. Unless you're clever about it.

In this cartoon of mine, in today's Wall Street Journal, you can see what I mean.

The general challenge is to make a pointed observation about business in a smart way. The specific challenge here was to make the fellow and the angel look alike. This is why they both have heads like lima beans. The WSJ cartoon is published so small, I was worried that it may not be clear that this is THIS guy's guardian angel.

Oddly enough, the year started out with a cartoon of mine in WSJ about angels and devils on shoulders. I never thought about it, but I suppose that that's a genre, along with the desert island gag, the boss chasing the secretary gag, the wise man on the moutain top gag, etc.

My thanks to Greg, Dave, Pletch, Teresa and Marshall for letting me know that I have a cartoon in today's Wall Street Journal!

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