R. Crumb's and guitarist Dominique Cravi's "Les Primitifs de Futur" Band

Yes, that's Mr. Crumb himself in there, seated behind the drummer.

From eyefortalent's description:

Legendary underground cartoonist Robert Crumb and guitarist Dominique Cravic founded Les Primitifs du Futur in 1986 craving real Parisian musette instead of poor imitations heard in variety shows. Sounding like they've stepped right out the '30s, the members of Les Primitifs du Futur brilliantly blend world-musette and Django-style guitar into old-fashioned originals.

With their three albums "Cocktail d'amour", "Trop de routes, trop de trains" and World Musette" made up of original compositions, Les Primitifs du Futur remain at the forefront of the renaissance of chanson fran├žaise manifestly occurring in France today.

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