WHAT"S OPERA, DOC? Live Concert Version

One of the landmark seven minutes of animation is Chuck Jones' WHAT'S OPERA, DOC? (1957), starring Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny and Wagner. We have, I hope, all seen and enjoyed this classic Warner Brothers short (if not, click on the linky above). Only someone who's a genius (Mr. Jones) could wring laughs and maybe even a tear towards the end, out of a heavy Wagnerian opera (with some help from writer Michael Maltese).

Now, it's been brought to the stage, live and in person -- not only once, but twice. And it's a lot of fun. Surely, an episode of SCOOBY DOO or HECKLE AND JECKLE would not -- nay, could not -- be adapted for the stage. Not the case with Bugs & Elmer.

Here's a great, live in-person cabaret version of WHAT'S OPERA DOC that was posted in the fall:

And here is The Springfield Academy of Arts and Academics' version of the classic cartoon, posted last month:

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