Video: 'Draw Muhammad Day' Canceled

Did you hear about this "Draw Muhammad Day?" Monday, I heard about it.

The idea went viral this week when Molly Norris, who draws for Seattle's CITY ARTS Magazine, suggested it.

The idea was that people voluntarily draw the prophet Muhammad on May 20 and post it online on their site, their Facebook page, etc. to support free speech. This was in reaction to the censorship of a Muhammad-based episode of SOUTH PARK.

Now, now it's Friday and Fox News was crowing about how she called it all off:

I hadn't heard about this, but Michael Cavna of COMIC RIFFS had.

Molly, surprised by the reaction, has changed her mind. "... [This campaign] isn't really my thing," she told Comic Riffs.

From her site:

Let's call off "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day"
by changing it to "Everybody Draw Al Gore Day" instead.
Enough Mohammed drawings have already been made to get the point across.
At this juncture, such drawings are only hurtful to more liberal and moderate
Muslims who have not done anything to endanger our first amendment rights

Do something positive with that energy, like...Draw Al Gore!

Above is her apology.

I feel bad for her. Molly has ceased to be a person. Fox is telling her to "grow a pair" and a commenter on COMIC RIFFS calls this a "surrender to hate and extremism." Molly is now a symbol, being kicked around for some lofty cause.

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