Seven Birds a Week

In addition to the many birds that come around every day (wrens, finches, titmice, sparrows, chickadees, jays, mourning doves, etc.), the Lynch feeders welcomed a bunch of new birds this past week. Here is the new bird roll call, with bird drawings by yours truly:

The Baltimore oriole came to the feeder within an hour after I put out some sliced orange.

This young turkey has been wandering around the yard in the early hours. They really do look like velociraptors!

The grosbeak is one of my favorite birds. Love the bold red chest stripe.

The flycatcher appeared last week and hunts the backyard for bugs.

The evening grosbeak looks like a goldfinch on steroids. Our New Hampshire hills are a temporary stop for this Canadian-bound bird.

And, flying over the house, from stream to lake, every day, a great blue heron in the sky.

Drawn freehand with a thick stinky sharpie on typing paper, with color added with brush and watercolor.

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