Mike Lynch Cartoon in November 30, 2010 WALL STREET JOURNAL

I have a cartoon about Twitter in today's Wall Street Journal. Above is the version that I mailed in.

Upon getting the OK, I received notes to make the fellow ("Jon Dailey") look more pleasant and make the "Never Tweeted and Proud of It" more bold. Above is a blow up of his face, and you can see the look of grim determination that Mr. Dailey has about never ever ever no way in God's green Earth is he EVER using Twitter on his puss. I was sorry to lose that look.

Here are the stats. It was a long journey to print, over a year, from conception to sale to print:

Rejected by Harvard Business Review, Reader's Digest, The New Yorker. It was held by the Wall Street Journal on December 30, 2009. They bought it February 10, 2010. It ran in the paper today, November 30, 2010.

And above is the redrawn published version. His face is more pleasant. I took out trees in the background in favor of making the monument (and lettering) larger. "Jon Dailey" was a name I plucked out of thin air. I don't know anyone by that name. I wanted it specific (no "John Smith") and not funny on its own (no "Og Ogleby"). Now, I bet I get contacted by a couple of Jon Daileys!

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