Good Publicity, Bad Publicity

The cutline to the above photo reads "Stuck in Farmington."

It's good to get publicity, but then there's good attention and bad attention. I had no idea that the Rochester Times' "Stuck in Farmington" was part one of a two part photo story. And I had no idea that Part Two would reveal an embarrassing, personal incident from four years ago.

So, the next week in the Times, I was cited as being engulfed in the self-same "River Road Canal." This happened in December 2007. We had just gotten a Christmas tree that was half-hanging out of the trunk. The car slipped on black ice and landed in that same ditch. Well, AAA was called and a wrecker pulled the car out. And the tree was not damaged. The incident was soon forgotten. Happy Christmas!

The Rochester Times has, in the past, given me some good publicity. But, now, as you can see, the photo is right above the most read part of the paper: the Police Log.

Ah well. There is a dark side to fame.

And I'm still missing a hubcap, dang it!

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