OLLIE & QUENTIN Not Connecting?

My friend Piers Baker lets his readers know "I do not expect to still be doing this in a year's time if things do not improve."

He's writing about his King Features newspaper comic strip OLLIE & QUENTIN.

In his blog entry Blowing My Own Mute Trumpet, he writes that the 4 year old feature about a duck and a worm is not connecting with newspaper editors and they are the ones that determine a comic strip's viability.

Sadly newspaper sales are the measure by which a comic is judged and it doesn't take a genius to work out that there is only so long a syndicate will carry an unviable comic before it is forced to admit that it doesn't work and will have to cancel it. I suspect Ollie and Quentin is going this way unless something changes soon.
Now, he does have a plot twist up his sleeve, but, hey, if that doesn't work, it'll all be over.

I consider Piers a colleague and friend. If you believe his strip is valuable, then I would urge you take him up on his request: contact your local newspaper, ask them to run OLLIE & QUENTIN.

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