Podcast: Stan Goldberg Interview

Veteran comic book artist Stan Goldberg's career is the subject of Corey Blake's podcast interview.

Stan is a friend. I'm lucky to have know him this past decade (only one sixth of his career).

The first time I met Stan was at an NCS Berndt Toast Gang cartoonist luncheon. He happened to sit down next to me, accompanied by his lovely wife Pauline.

He introduced himself. "Good afternoon, I'm Stan Goldberg."

I introduced myself. "Mr. Goldberg? How do you do? I'm Mike Lynch." I was nervous. Stan is a name I'd only seen in comics. To meet the man in the flesh -- Wow!

Stan smiled and shook my hand. "Don't call me Mr. Goldberg. Mr. Goldberg is my father's name. Call me Stan."

He is a gentleman. Stan's career spans six decades, from the 1940s when he'd ride the subway down from the Bronx (an hour each way) to assist Carl Burgos in the Empire State Building Timely offices, to his recent flagship artist status on ARCHIE -- "Stan G" has done it all.

Stan's self-effacing. Heck, he originated all the colors for the Marvel comics characters in the 1960s (primary for the heroes, secondary for the villains). He didn't tell me that for years!

Now, Stan and ARCHIE have parted ways. But Stan has many good prospects. Above is a recent variant cover he did for the FANTASTIC FOUR.

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