ALLE MENN April 1962

Here's a copy of ALLE MENN No. 14, April 1962. ALLE MENN is an "Ukebladet for Mannfolk" which (without breaking my intense blog prose styling here by running out and Googling to make sure) means it's a magazine for manly folk. My friend Adrian Sinnott handed it to me and said, You might like this for your blog.

And right he was!

This was back when a magazine had some great art and cartoons in it. There is something for everyone: cool car drawings, a Western, gag cartoons, a silent O. Soglow-style strip and a silly bigfoot-style strip. Some of them are full page. Lovely. We need art like this in magazines today, instead of the latest bit of stock art or a Corbis photo of a celebrity.

The inside front cover sports a duotone feature titled DRAKE and DRAKE by Jose Carlos and Pizarro. Looking closely, this expertly drawn (but rather hastily lettered) bit of comic art is actually four comic strips stacked on top of each other. I have mo more information on this.

Next, we have a series of gag cartoons. Since this is in Norwegian, I can't comment on the gag quality.

OK, the wordless ones I get! And they are fun.

And now here's WELLS FARGO which may or may not be from the same series by British comic artist Don Lawrence. Regardless, it's pretty much a painterly inking style. Gorgeous. Obvious the artist loves the west.

And here's the last strip, TIMIAN by Gosta Gummesson. Silly and fun. It's the next to last page of the mag.

The back cover ad is for a BBC "Learn English" LP series.

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