Too Many Sketchbooks

I lost a sketchbook this week. Fortunately, I found it again (it was in the backseat of the car). Previously, in July 2009, I had written here about sketchbooks and how I probably have too many. Below is the post once again (yes, this is a crummy rerun), and I invite your comments about the number of sketchbooks you deal with.

I had a great time traveling to NY last week. I think I packed pretty well for a week away. Except for sketchbooks. I put it to my friend Juana Medina when I asked, Do I have too many sketchbooks?

I have four. Each one has its special purpose.
  • A new 8 1/2 x 11 spiralbound book for new commercial projects (a comic strip idea and a graphic novel idea),
  • another sketchbook for doodling gag ideas (I draw on both sides of the page, dividing each page into 8 squares. I really get my money's worth out of this small book),
  • a third teeny, eentsy pocket sketchbook for doodling ideas for cartoon classes,
  • and a nice clothbound landscape book for drawing travel diaries; the black sketchbook, looking like a rectangular black hole, is in the lower right of the above photo.

And so Juana told me how organized I was, which was very nice and very flattering. I told her that, although that's a nice thought, I think I am toting around just too much mass. Why not just have one, big, general sketchbook?

I am curious to hear if other people have more than one sketchbook and, if so, are the sketchbooks divided by project? Do you have a "nice" sketchbook for your best work and one "not so nice" sketchbook, for not so important drawings? Do your sketchbooks vary by the medium you use?

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