R. Crumb Print Snowboard Jacket

Offered for your perusal ....

OK, I don't know what a "Dyer Jacket" is, and when I think "snowboarding" I don't immediately think of the "subversive voice and controversial artwork" of Robert Crumb, that "prominent figure in the 60s and 70s counter culture."

But, well, uh, here it is, like some kind of freakish outwear mash-up: an R. Crumb print design (of what looks like banana peels and tin cans) in a cool $269.00 designer snowboard jacket.

"Check out the print by cartoonist Robert Crumb. A prominent figure in the 60s and 70s counter culture, Crumb is world-renowned for his subversive voice and controversial artwork. We’re only producing 500 pieces in this print, and shipping it in a black bag so you can look sketchy when taking it to the register. Beyond that, the Burton Restricted Dyer Jacket keeps riders like Mikey Rencz and Mark Sollors dry and warm when rooping around the British Columbian backcountry with the help of a hopped up DRYRIDE Durashell™ 2L fabric and strategically placed expedition weight Thermacore™ insulation."
Maybe Mikey Rencz and Mark Sollors (I am guessing they are snowboarders) are big Crumb fans. I don't know.

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