What I Did for Feral Cat Day 2009

This is the cat that has been hanging around this summer. Very sweet, very shy -- but he's playful and comes when called. (And why not? We feed him.)

Impervious to Havahart live animal traps. He is an orange cat, and has been named Dexter.

On Monday, this little gray kitty was caught in the live animal trap. Sweet, not shy, purry, inquisitive, cute -- very charming and he wanted to be adopted by us.

Made up a bunch of "Found Cat" flyers and went door to door, posted notes locally, went to the vet's. No takers.

Tuesday, I took him to the local no kill shelter (the Cocheco Valley Humane Society) where they believe he will be adopted very quickly.

It was very tempting to adopt him, but our hearts are set on Dexter.

This is the way the front of the house looked on National Feral Cat Day.

Resigned to the fact that our friend Dexter may be hanging around all winter, we made a cat house on the porch, nestled in between some straw bales.

A closer look. It's 2 plastic storage bins, one inside the other. Polystyrene and straw are in between the 2 bins for insulation. There's also straw for burrowing inside.

We still hope to catch him in the Havahart, but we also don't want him to freeze ....

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