1977: QUINCY Comic Book Part Two

This is the second part of a look at the complete rare 1977 QUINCY comic book. The first part is here.

OK, the blog title is "1977: QUINCY Comic Book Part Two," but "What Have They Done to HENRY?!?!?!!" was a close second.

And a third would be "Who in the World is 'Little Guy and Professor Noodle?"

But I digress.

This QUINCY book has HENRY as a backup feature.

The HENRY comic strip by Carl Anderson was, like Otto Soglow's THE LITTLE KING, a pantomime strip. HENRY, a hairless boy with a receding mouth, was did not speak.

This all changed when the comic strip HENRY became the comic book HENRY. In Dell Comics' CARL ANDERSON'S HENRY, the title character spoke like anyone else. So much for the feature staying "on model."

It sure sounds like a wrong headed idea to take away a comic strip character's gimmick, but the transformation worked. The Dell Comic was around from 1946 to 1961. Every issue drawn by Carl Anderson's successor, John Liney.

This King Comic continues the tradition of HENRY speaking.

Above is one of the educational pages, with the pretty blonde floating head of "Ms. Anne" (Dr. Anne Mueser) asking you to work out some subject/verb agreements using QUINCY as her muse.

Another educational page, this time with Richard Guttenberg "Mr. G."

And now we have a 6 page feature: "Little Guy in 'The Big Swap' with Professor Noodle." It's signed by John Liney. This story features much making fun of being small, being fat and features a kid who talks to strangers about trading comics. But it's all in fun, and the QUINCY comic itself makes a cameo which is very exciting.

Today's lesson: five 'Klunks' equal one 'Quincy.'

Above: the answers to all those educational questions posed by the floating heads.

An inspirational page filler telling you that if you want to get ahead in life the follow directions.

And thus completes the complete scan of QUINCY "R-05," copyright King Features 1977.

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